EU Settlement of Sarenscar

Welcome, one and all, to the fair town of Sarenscar!

Kingdom - Demalion Empire - Duchy - N/A - County - Gladal County


Sarenscar is a town built upon the principles of honesty, fairness, community and loyalty. Honest in all that we do, fair in how we treat each other and how we conduct our business, a sense of community and belonging, knowing that we will achieve little unless we work as a family, together as a town. And loyalty, to one another, to our town and to the Empire.

Everyone will be welcome in Sarenscar, regardless of their origin or profession. It will be a town built upon the foundations of the town's ancestors; to be a center of trade for all worldly crafts, a home to any who wish to hang their hats there, a place for the furthering of knowledge, and a waystation for the weary travellers and explorers of our world.... a community for all.

Town history

From the West, they came. Nine there were, when they set off on their long and arduous journey to a land they knew nothing of. Not even if the land they aimed to reach was anything more than traveller’s tales.

Under the cover of darkness, sequestered upon a stolen ship, they sailed away from all that they had ever known. Abandoning their aging king and queen, a feeling of betraying their own people gnawing at their souls, sacrificing all they had ever known…. to fulfil a common goal. A dream. A vision. To build a place where all peoples could live in harmony, free from persecution and cruel judgement. Liberated from the shackles of their corrupt and broken government, with nothing more than what they carried in their saddlebags and the hope in their hearts, they set sail. Sarenscar was their destination, though they did not know its name at the time.

Nine there were when they set off. Nine survived the perilous voyage across dark seas and through strange lands. Nine there were when it all began. The Council they were called, given the title by the first settlers of these lands. The Council of Nine.

Many generations have come and gone since that time and The Council now exist only in the memories of those who pass on their teachings. Their people have faced many hardships and trials but they have endured. Remembering the foundations of The Council; honesty, fairness, community and loyalty, Sarenscar grew. These qualities guided the town to prosperity through the years and will continue to do so, if it’s people hold true to these tenets.

But the time for change has come. A time for growing, as a town and as a people. An opportunity for Sarenscar to become something more. A shining light for all others to see during the dark days. An inspiration to all peoples. A message to all that the vision of The Council can be fulfilled and that their sacrifice was not in vain

Town Goals

Sarenscar's goal is to support the trades of merchants, blacksmiths, miners, builders, explorers and provide tools & weapons to those who require them, through marketplaces, shops and stalls. Crafters and creators of all trades will flourish and grow in the busy markets and bustling streets. The finest wares, sharpest steel and strongest armour will be found in Sarenscar. The reputation of Sarenscar's skill will reach all the corners of the empire… and beyond.

Your place in Sarenscar

Whether you wish to set up a permanent store in town, or just pass through to sell your wares, there will be a place for you in Sarenscar. Trading, crafting and lodging will be the initial focus of the town. Supporting the strongholds and garrisons throughout the rest of the county by sourcing, creating and selling arms, tools and building materials. Traders, tavern & lodging owners, smiths, crafters & builders will be most welcome to raise their homes here. Anyone looking for a fresh start at something new!

Location (ideally!)

Preferably, the town will be situated close enough to natural resources to allow the crafters and creators in the town to access the materials needed but still be close enough to the population to sell their wares to the weary travellers and adventurers. Such as those who hail from the Crimson Adventurers’ Guild!

What we are looking for...

The town is looking for people who are interested in building, smithing, crafting/creating and subsequently selling those goods. We are also looking for people who are interested in the pure trade of buying & selling goods and items. Guilds and groups for the tradecrafts of creating items would be most welcome to set up their home in Sarenscar, as well as those of a more economical mindset towards marketing and trading.

Ultimately, the goal is to set up a busy marketplace for all available goods created in Gladal County and to provide overall support for our fellow towns, such as Fjellheim, Drifgard and other settlements in the surrounding area, eventually connecting to the rest of the Kingdom and the lands beyond!!!

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Defiant unto death... Every little bit of good I may do, let me do it now for I may not come this way again.

6/30/2017 4:29:08 PM #1

Awesome settlement ! I'll visit sometime to get some of those fantastic goods :D .

7/1/2017 11:10:52 AM #2

Glad to have such neighbor :)

12/25/2017 7:05:15 PM #3

Still recruiting 😁

3/6/2018 9:20:38 PM #4

Still recruiting for people looking for a crafting, creating, building town or those wishing to sell their goods within!

Join the Discord to find out more and see the other groups in the County!!


Defiant unto death... Every little bit of good I may do, let me do it now for I may not come this way again.