[NA-E] Asbury Barony -Newel -Bloodoak -Bordweall

6/25/2017 7:24:19 PM #1

Looks great mate! Glad to have your group in Newel and...

Vive la Bordweall!!

6/25/2017 7:45:20 PM #2

Awesome Barony in an awesome County! Highly recommended!

10/27/2017 11:21:15 PM #3

Still recruiting!!! A lot of spots open hop in discord and check us out

5/3/2018 4:42:10 PM #4

Things are picking up!! Feel free to jump into discord for more info.

10/7/2018 12:54:53 PM #5

Map selection is upon us!!! Come join and let find out home together. Still looking for farmers, soldiers,barkeeps and all walks of life.

10/7/2018 6:14:25 PM #6

Looking forward to how Asbury shapes up. I'm certain your town will serve kingdom and county proud :)

Shieldwall Strong!

11/26/2018 4:24:19 PM #7

Glad to have you in Newel. Nice to know we can count on you for the defense of the county.

10/9/2019 7:09:38 PM #8

Still a lot of spots to fill. Reach out if interested get in on the ground level and lets grow together.