[APAC AKA Oceania] Looking for guild

Hi all,

Seeking settlers to help develop a community within my town. The aim is for it to be a resource gathering community with primary focus on mining. After gaining enough resources and contributing to the kingdom, all settlers will be involved in the growth of an almost independent govervnment with military force and self sustaining wealth.

I will respond to pm as quickly as i can. Looking forward to getting to know you all.



6/14/2017 2:59:12 AM #1

Your looking to join people or looking for people to join you? There is an "oceanus domains" where these things normally go. Hopefully someone moves it for you.

12/4/2017 5:25:31 AM #2

I gotta admit I'm confused too.

If you're looking for a guild with mining I have an offer.

12/9/2017 7:15:04 AM #3

Thanks for pointing out that it is confusing. Edited now so that it is hopefully clearer, let me know if its not.


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