Profectus Warfare Enterprise. P.W.C

NA-E (Luna), Kingdom of Bordweall

The Profectus Warfare Enterprise

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Research and Development institute for advanced military arsenal

Who are we and what is our goal?

The Profectus Warfare Enterprise is a Research and Development organization located within the Kingdom of Bordweall, Grand Duchy of Caeruleum, and Grand County of Shade. We may eventually expand our base of operation depending on the necessity and benefits of such a action.

We are a group of visionaries and innovators. And it is our goal and intent to make groundbreaking progress in the field of Warfare Technology, to stand as the foremost leadership when it comes to the subject of weaponry development and evolution, and to bring fourth great change and story to the world of Elyria through our toil and innovations.

What is the Profectus Warfare Enterprise?

The Profectus Warfare Enterprise is both a Research & Development institute and a supplier of cutting-edge armaments. Our area of research and development ranges from weapons and armors to siege equipment and warships. The Enterprise was created with the following in mind:

  • To lead the charge in the advancement and evolution of Warfare-related Technology. A good example is our desire to eventually be the group that first develops gunpowder and firearms (Assuming they are possible research subject).

  • To sell the fruits of our labor to our Kingdom and its allies. This will garner us the funds necessary to continue our research and development. And to allow us to acquire better research facilities and thereby increased efficiency in our task. And as the Enterprise flourishes, it is our hope to also allow our members to thrive correspondingly through increased salary, working environment, and many other perks plus benefits.

  • For our creations to have a lasting effect on the world of Elyria. For the people of Elyria to know our name and to remember our impact on the world, its story, and its history.

Who are we looking for?

Researchers, Blacksmiths, Alchemists, Builders, and Architects. No one man will determine the fate of this alliance and it will always be an combined group effort. Our visions for the future cannot exist without you. Without dedicated and focused members our idea to shape the storyline of Elyria is just that. An idea. And with your help, we can work together to be the forefront in all of our endeavors and thereby make our kingdom great. By working together, we can work towards placing our own prints on the storylines and write the history books! We look forward to having you in our organization.

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6/5/2017 5:56:36 AM #1

I would officially like to partake and be a active member, with my own small private guild the "Triumvirate" which wish to deal in research and knowledge itself.

6/5/2017 11:22:25 AM #2

Perfect! I will get ahold of you either tonight or tomorrow night and we can discuss your addition possibly to my county

6/5/2017 11:50:11 PM #3

Hello my number on discord is #8211 if you want to know more about it please message me there I will get the notification on my phone and get back to you as asap so let me know and I look forward to speaking with you

2/24/2018 5:54:51 AM #4

I would love to house a branch of your organization in my own County, if that is possible.

9/25/2019 7:24:34 AM #5

Will support how I can

My dream is to make my settlement long outlive me Why not join me in being part of it? Send me a message

9B7323 friend code