County of Asteria

Capital: Blacknore

County: Asteria

Duchy: Deoch

Kingdom: Fortuna

Server: NA-East




My name is Count Martin; I am in search of craftsmen, scribes, and brave soldiers for the County of Asteria, which will be focusing on Production, Astronomy, and Scribing. Asteria has claimed within the Kingdom of Fortuna in the Duchy of Deoch, Asteria is located on the Luna (NA-East) server.

The County of Asteria’s focus is on garrisoning a fighting force alongside the manufacturing of military armaments including armors and weapons, through the utilization of steady and precise research. Asteria is also seeking scribes to assist in logistical and legislative apportionments, as well as blacksmiths and miners, alongside other skilled craftsmen such as leatherworkers, tailors, and skilled pastoral farmers.

The Grand Capital of Asteria, Blacknore, will be home to one of the largest book selections in the entire continent, our scribes will work tirelessly to organize, refresh, and safe keep collections of history books, skill books, and contracts. Asteria’s second-largest city, Dekanspire, will focus on raw resource acquisition. This will allow for tier two production at the capital which will give way for the export or further use of goods within the county. Asteria currently has one open township for an agricultural/husbandry focused population.

If you would like to join or ask for more information, please private message myself or join our Discord, at your convenience. Thank you very much for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


Austin Martin

Count of Asteria, Mayor of Blacknore, Protector of Themis

County Focus:

  • Astronomy & Scribing

  • Production & Mining

  • Hunting & Farming

Citizenship Requirements:

  • Backer Package (Any)

  • 16+ Years of Age

  • Discord & Working Microphone

  • Maturity, Respect, & Loyalty

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This county will do "great" things, I promise you that. It'd be beautiful.

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Posted By Gunghoe at 1:44 PM - Wed Jun 07 2017

This county will do "great" things, I promise you that. It'd be beautiful.


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Glory to Asteria.

Hey, Hey, você quer comprar bolo de fuba?

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Looking forward to helping the county reach it's goals.

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