[NA-E] Suppliers Guild of Newel

Suppliers, which are further divided into Gatherers and Merchants, Gatherers are your miners, lumberjacks, and farmers. Meanwhile, Merchants travel long distances in order to requisition the more extraordinary or rare materials.

Actively recruiting gatherers and merchants including miners, lumberjacks, and farmers!

If this is something you are interested in then we have a place for you!


Citizens- Gatherer (may or may not own land in the County of Newel) are welcome members of our guild and can be promoted to Gentry at the discretion of any Council member after purchasing land in Newel.

Gentry- Merchant or Farmer (land owners in the County of Newel) are the core of our Guild! Social/Casual PVX players that help each other and should not hesitate to assist any Citizen when help is needed. Gentry can even run their own guild events should they desire!

Council members- Master of Coin or Chief of Agriculture are the experts in day-to-day operation and running guild events! Council members run our guild.. plain and simple. They vote weekly on new Council members, policy and direction for the guild. All decisions are unanimous! In the event that our Council can not come to complete agreement the issue will be passed to High Council for final say if needed.

At least once per week all Council members should perform at min 1 guild group function. Meaning you lead this event and not just participate in another Council members event.

Council members will respond to messages posted in the #suppliers-guild Discord channel. Events and guidelines for participating in said events will be outlined in this channel. Any comments and/or requests for these topics will be addressed there. These topics will not be the focus of our weekly Council meeting. The Council meeting is for more productive items such as Guild Leader's favorite color or whatever the hell he wants to talk about.

High Council- Treasurer Our Guild Leader (elected by council and/or appointed by Count) who will make decisions and final say concerning the guild. Council members are expected to influence these decisions and assist with creating policy and/or procedures. If Council members are in complete agreement on an issue and High Council fails to address it then a panel of all High Council members (Barons/ Mayors and other Guild Leaders) in the County of Newel will step in and make a final decision on the topic at hand.


Understand we are a SOCIAL/CASUAL GUILD!

  • Join our Discord channel Here
  • Respond to guild requests without crying/making excuses..
  • Ask council for anything you need help with.
  • Have fun...

You ARE required to install Discord as a member of this guild. Our Discord link can be found Here. You ARE NOT required to obtain a microphone or even speak on our servers but you should listen to commands and be prepared to receive instruction on occasion without delay. Future guild content and current planning requires detailed and timely instruction. This is how it will be delivered.

When in Discord during any guild event, push to talk is required, only event organizers or council are allowed to speak unless otherwise instructed. If any member needs to make an event related announcement it should be done briefly without overlapping officers or organizers. If you need the floor for any reason other than making a brief announcement, please make the following request: "Council, this is @HenryHugglemonster! May I have the floor please?"

If you are asked to mute your mic or clear comms please do so without delay or you will be moved out of the channel.

Life happens, we all have bad days and perform sub par. We understand completely.. However, instant obedience to orders is expected and when in disagreement grievances will be addressed sidebar after we accomplish the mission at hand. Public discourse of negative nature in guild chat and full comm channels can not and will not be tolerated.

Our Council members gladly sacrifice their time daily to assist you in any way possible. Now I will admit that we are mostly a ragtag bunch of sarcastic, arrogant, foul mouthed, smart asses that would truly never intend to offend you.. but it is not outside the realm of possibility.

All Council members must be active.

  • Inactive (without notice) for 7 days = demote.
  • Inactive members for more than 21 days are removed from the guild.

Weekly Council meetings are conducted for 30 mins every Saturday 9 pm EST.

Have fun! Enjoy your time here but help us help you get to where you want to be..

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2/24/2018 5:48:13 AM #2

Do you have any recent updates to this group?

10/6/2018 10:44:17 PM #3

Looks interesting, would like to engage with y'all via discord as im interested in running supply routes and a small town establishment for resource allocation...figure we could all help each other out.