[EU Demalion] Markofstadt's Militia

Nestled into the heart of the Demalion Empire rests the home of house Markof, the fortified pastoral town of Markofstadt. To ensure the peace and everybody's safety Count Markof invested into improved fortifications for the town and founded Markofstadt's Militia

As the role of the militia is importent and it's member invaluable supporters of the community, Count Markof decided to organise the militia as a guild, to provide preks and fame to the members of the militia.

The count will assume command of the militia and will recruit officers in charge of parts of the town area.

The duties of the militia are to patrol and enforce law in the town's boundary and train in fighting crime and weapon mastery. The Count will provide militia members equipment and salary, but to keep the link with the population, militia members will be housed into private houses inside the city, the militia will provide special discounts to the acquisition of a home for the new settling militia members family.