[NA-W] The Grand Sanctaphanri Navy

The Grand Sanctaphandri Navy



Server: NA-W

Kingdom: Kingdom of Ashlands

Duchy: Sanctaphandri


The Grand Sanctaphandri Navy is at all times at the disposal of Grand Duke Ambrosius Ais Seleucrei. It is the naval power of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri and will always serve as the protector of its inhabitants. This is a formally commissioned by Grand Duke Ambrosius and is in no part a privately run organization.

This is all contingent on domain selection, if by chance the Duchy of Sanctaphandri does not have a coast line then the navy cannot exist.


Staten (Admiral)

The rank of Staten is appointed by Grand Duke Ambrosius Ais Seleucrei. This person will have proven themselves worthy of the rank both on open waters and in the council chamber. The Staten is in charge of the Ducal Navy and reports to Grand Duke Ambrosius with all strategies and major financial decisions. The Staten may also assume total control of the Ducal Navy in times of severe distress with the approval of the Grand Duke.

Kon Staten (Rear Admiral)

Kon Staten are hand selected by the Staten for each County that wishes to join the ranks of the Ducal Navy. The Kon Staten appointed will be hand selected to ensure their cooperation in all future endeavors. The Kon Staten are in charge of the fleet, or fleets, that are contained within their assigned County. These fleets have authority to act on approved movements that take place outside the Duchy and any movement that involves anti-piracy within the Duchy.

Het (Captain)

Het captain the ships that make up the fleets. Het are officers within the Ducal Navy that have passed through the Sanctaphandri Naval Academy and have proven themselves as capable sailors on the open seas. Their ships are to be maintained correctly as per the rules of the Kon Staten and Magistor. Het are to report directly to their respective Kon Staten.

Kairen (Officer)

Kairen are officers who have passed through the Sanctaphandri Naval Academy with excellent marks and have proven themselves competent enough to work directly below a Het. These Kairen are in charge or relaying messages from their Het to the crew and making critical decisions on board that the Het may not have time to respond to.

Kon Kairen (Sailor)

Kon Kairen are sailors who have passed through the very basics of the Sanctaphandri Naval Academy and have found a place on a ship in the Ducal fleet. The Kon Kairen are the backbone of the fleet as they perform most tasks aboard these ships. Their orders come directly from their Het or through the Kairen appointed to them by their Het.

The Sanctaphandri Naval Academy


The Sanctaphandri Naval Academy is the heart of the Grand Ducal Navy as it teaches the sailors and shipwrights all necessary lessons that will be used in the dry docks, ports, and at sea. There are campuses for the academy in both Verthaven of Tir'Brännon and Savoca of Karsana. These campuses share a curriculum and a field of research though the specific items researched may differ from campus to campus.


  • Astrology
  • Rigging
  • Sailing
  • Sail making
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ship Maintenance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Survival
  • Winds and weather patterns.

Academic Hierarchy

Magistor (Headmaster)

The Magistor is the head of all campuses and is in charge of all aspects of the academies. The Magistor sets the curriculum, hires faculty, and manages the dry docks used for these academies.

Kainos Scholarian (Quartermaster)

The Kainos Scholarian prepare sailors and officers for their time at sea. Alongside their teachings these faculty are in charge of researching various maritime technologies.

Konos Scholarian (Shipwright Instructor)

The Konos Scholarian are in charge of preparing dock workers and shipwrights for their time building the Grand Ducal Navy's fleet. Alongside the construction of these ships the maintenance of the ever growing fleet as well as the fleet of mercantile vessels.

Academian (Student)

The Academian are the students in either school of the academy. These students rise to be Kon Kairen, Kairen, and shipwrights that will bring life to the Grand Ducal Navy.

We are looking for members!

What we are looking for in our applicants:

  • Adaptability
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Work Ethic
  • Respectfulness

We are always searching for new members to join our ranks. These schools are set in place to produce only the best sailors to keep our ships afloat and our sailors alive. Promotions are earned, respect is earned, nothing worth getting in life is given. We hope to see you in our schools and manning our ships. Maybe one day we'll even see you as Staten and see what you can do with our wondrous Navy! If you care to learn more, are interested in joining, or simply want to come talk to us join our Discord below!

For more information about the campuses of the Sanctaphandri Naval Academy you join the individual County discord channels. The main points of contact for Tir'Brännon would be Aleran Dál Birn and Fenwick Briar . As for Karsana the points of contact are Xander Karsa and Kaedus Karsa.


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Pretty awesome stuff. Love it!

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The Throaty Mermaid is ready to sail!

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I cant wait for the day upon which your ships deliver myself and my troops onto an enemy controlled beach!


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Looking forward to serving in this most excellent navy someday :)

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Yessss. Found your navy. Rally your troops. There is nothing Myrkul loves more than a challenge. To reap your souls, and have you put up a fight makes the splendors of banishing your humanity oh so much more bountiful. PRAISE MYRKUL! PRAISE MYRKUL LIKE THE FILTHY MORTALS YOU ARE!!

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