Gladalian Military (Warriors, Guards, Raiders, Assassins, Deviants, Crafters and Healers wanted)

Gladalian Military

Are you looking to serve as a soldier, a guard, raider, a deviant, assassin or any kind of affiliated crafter or medic? Then we may have a place for you in Gladal County. Please note that the overall Viking sounding theme of our ranks, this is just to keep an overall solid structure, we are open to units and players of all inspirations and styles.




Traditional Forces

Non-Traditional Forces

Auxiliary Forces

Current Traditional Forces


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Our military is divided into 3 main sections and they are:

Traditional Forces- Anything you would expect from a medieval era army from cavalry to siege divisions to front of line infantry.

Non-Traditional Forces- Any force that has a role that is mainly outside of pitched battles (certain units may still take part in large scale battles) Examples include raiders and assassins.

Auxiliary Forces- Any kind of group or unit that has a job in supporting the main army and may be embedded with a certain unit. Examples include official crafters, official hunters/survivalists, medics, combat medics and any role that help the army survive, recover or get ready for battle.

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Traditional Forces

High Hersir-Head of all army divisions except Shadow Corps, only second to the Jarl.

Captain -Head of a single unit.

Drang-Appointed by a Thegn to be an officer

Bryti-A soldier who has received distinction for great service

Thrall-Regular soldier

Apprentice-Someone either learning or trying out the soldier role

Non-Traditional Forces:

(note that the commanders of these forces will decide their structure these are just examples)


Berserker Warchief- Leader of the Berserkers, is chosen by the Berserkers themselves and structures the unit to their liking

Berserker Captain- Leads a squad of Berserkers

Berserker Chosen- Berserker who has received a the Bryti rank for great service.

Berserker- Standard trusted member of the berserkers

Raider- A recruit yet to earn the trust of the Berserkers

Shadow Corps:

Shadow Commander- Leader of the Shadow Corps, answers only to the Jarl

Shadow Captain- Commands a section of the Shadow Corps e.g. Assassination or Intel gathering.

Shadow- A proven operative given high level clearance

Informant- An operative yet to gain full trust

Hired Associate- A temporary operative or contractor


Huskarl- The elite bodyguard of the Jarl

Guard- Bodyguard of the Jarl yet to be proven to be elite and trustworthy

Auxiliary Forces

Hersir- Organises all auxiliary work.

Auxiliary Captain- Responsible for a section of Auxiliaries e.g. Crafters or Medics

Bryti- An auxiliary who has received a commendation for exceptional service.

Auxiliary- A standard member of the Auxiliary forces.

Contracted Auxilliary- A temporary member of the Auxiliary forces, usually working via contract

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Traditional Forces

Traditional forces will be the main army of the county, they will uphold laws and protect the people of Gladal County. Traditional forces will also be our main force in pitched battles and sieges. Other duties may include patrolling areas, protecting caravans, guarding people and points of interest and dealing with criminals.

The traditional forces are divided into units, each with a distinct theme and focus.

Each unit will be led by Captain, who will have control over a unit's focus, individual tactics, stylistic inspiration and equipment restrictions. The Captain will also be able to set the official alias of the unit. (E.g. 3rd Ranged "Death's Own"). The Thegn will also be able to appoint troops to the Drall role (officer) at their discretion. A Captain can also nominate soldiers to the Jarl for a promotion to Bryti for outstanding work which will result in increased pay and benefits for the individual.

To Join the Traditional Forces click on the discord logo.

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Non-Traditional Forces

The three main divisions of the non-traditional roles are the Berserkers, the Shadow Corps and the Huskarl


Berserkers are essentially official raiders of the county who are free to do as they like while not on a raid. The berserkers will be free to use whatever equipment they desire and their structure will be self defined. The berserkers may choose Captains amongst themselves by whatever means they like, be this a vote, a trial by combat or any method. The members can structure the Berserkers how they see fit and most of their rules and traditions will be chosen internally. Berserkers will also be provided a headquarters.

However, with this extra freedom comes less benefits, the berserkers will receive spoils from raids as opposed to regular troops who receive a wage. Berserkers will be required to raid or join assaults on targets as set by the High Hersir or Jarl and be able to keep a large amount of loot gained on raids, equal to their contribution. The county also has no problem with Berserkers raiding at their own discretion but want to make it clear that raids against our own county or allies are forbidden. The county also wants to state that individuals involved in these unofficial raids will be doing so while not representing the county and therefore we will not be held accountable for their actions. Any berserker can be granted the additional title of Bryti for great service to the Jarl.

Shadow Corps

The Shadow Corps are the intelligence service of Gladal county who will identify and remove internal and external individuals who pose problems to the county and perform covert operations for the county.

The Shadow Corps will be led by a Shadow Commander who will answer directly to the Jarl. The Shadow Captain will be able to structure the organisation to their own specifications as to suit them best in conjunction with the Jarl (the ranks provided in the section above are for reference only). The Shadow Corps will likely have a strong focus on deviant and assassin skills and provide an official context for each. The Shadow Corps will be paid regularly with bonuses for successful operations to make up for the extremely challenging role.


The Huskarl are the elite bodyguard of the Jarl and will be supplied with the best possible weapons and armour that the county can provide.

For the most part, the Huskarl will be with the Jarl, or being bodyguards for another official. However due to their superior skill, Huskarl will likely take part in any important military operations alongside the Jarl and his forces.

There are only two ranks available in the Huskarl, with the rank of Huskarl being for trusted elite bodyguards and guard being for those who fall into one or neither category, however all in the Huskarl division with permission from the Jarl will be able to take time off should they be wanting to spend some time away from their duties. Huskarl will also be highly paid as their job will require vigilance and a high level of player and character skill.

To join any of the Non-Traditional Forces click on the discord logo.

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Auxiliary Forces

The Auxiliary Forces are mainly but not limited to non combat roles. They will be divided into two main divisions: army support roles and medics/combat medics.

Auxiliary Forces will be commanded by a Hersir who will work closely with the High Hersir to make sure they are equally embedded into units of different divisions. Each group of Auxiliaries who are army regulars will have their own leader called an Auxiliary Captain. The majority of support roles, especially any type of medic will largely be embedded into units, however, some roles such as an official blacksmith will be stationed elsewhere. Auxiliary Forces can also join the military temporarily or part time via contract if they are looking for an adventure or don't want to be tied down to the military. Auxiliary Forces who join as regulars will be paid as regulars and part time/temporary members will be paid by whatever deal is agreed. Certain medics who want to do combat can also be transferred into different forces with the permission of the High Hersir. Auxiliaries who show dedication can also receive the Bryti role.

To join any of the Auxiliary Forces click on the discord logo.

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Current Traditional Forces

Siege I

We are the heavy artillery of Gladal country. We operate, modify, and sometimes build our own Siege equipment. If you see siedge equipment in the field you can bet we will be there operating trebuchets, ballistas, catapult, basically anything and everything under the sun that can be used to break into a castle or city.

We are always looking for people to set up new units.

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*rules marked with a star apply to to non traditional forces, if a rule is unmarked, they do not need to follow it

No killing of non-aggressive unarmed civilians unless there is a special circumstance or an order to do so.

Units will have a certain predetermined maximum size (currently set to 30 but it may change) permission is needed to increase the unit above this size. This rule does not apply to auxiliary or semi-auxiliary forces as they will likely be attached to units

The ratio of temporary troops in combat units to full time units will always be 1:6 at most and temporary troops do not affect max troop numbers

No stealing or commandeering troops from other units. *

Units will be supplied with standard equipment to the best of the county's ability, rules and regulations on the use of different equipment will be done on a unit by unit basis. (E.g. It would make no sense for a spear unit to only use crossbows).

Transfer between units is possible and will be cleared by only a Hersir in a transfer from two units of the same division, or from division to division by a High Hersir or Jarl. *

Non-Traditional units will likely not have to answer to a Hersir. *

Troops may go on leave from their unit at any given time with permission from their Thegn, however each Thegn must make sure that a minimum of 85% of troops are either on task or ready to be deployed.

The county will of course be paying troops and will construct barracks/headquarters for them as necessary. *

There will be opportunities to earn extra pay via teaching with the Fyrd Training School and permanent positions upon a soldier's retirement if desired. *

No individuals, units or forces will carry out military assaults or raids on Gladal County without the Jarl’s permission. *

All forces are loyal to Jarl Woodward*

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Thanks for reading all the way to the end, we are recruiting in almost every position so if you haven't already, click on the image below and join us!

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