Celebrate Our Kickstarter-versary!

Greetings, Elyrians, I bring fair tidings to thee,

A year ago next month we took a big leap and ran our Kickstarter. It was chaotic, it was scary, but our efforts were rewarded with a community of like-minded individuals joining us in this journey and directly contributing to the success of Chronicles of Elyria! In honor of that momentous occasion, we are going to be running a series of promotions through the month of May with a little something for everyone.

To Our Existing Backers

We wouldn't have been able to hire the awesome team we've collected over the last year without you, so we want to say thank you to the folks that have supported us early on. To celebrate, we'll be giving existing backers the following gifts, based on total amount spent on pledge packages. This is for anyone who has a fully paid-off pledge package by 10AM PDT on May 1st, before the Anniversary Promotion begins!

Rewards will be applied after Account Merging but before Domain Selection. That means if you currently have more than one package, spread across more than one account with the intent to merge them later, and that merge would put your total into a higher tier listed below, then you can expect to receive the reward commensurate with the total merged value. More on that further down the post.

Below is what existing backers can expect (not cumulative):

  • Below $250 : 10% Store Credit
  • $250-$349 : Bonus Spark of Life
  • $350-$499 : Spark of Life + $10 Store Credit
  • $500-$749 : Elyrian Package + $10 Store Credit
  • $750-$999 : Pioneer Package + $10 Store Credit
  • $1,000-$2,499 : Settler Package
  • $2,500-$4,999 : Mayor Package
  • $5,000-$9,999 : Magistrate Package
  • $10,000 and up : Courtier Package

Please be aware, the packages listed above are in addition to the packages you already own. They can be claimed on your primary account as a way to add value to your existing pledge packages (see below on merging), or they can be gifted to a friend so they can join you in your adventure.

Week 1

Kicking off this celebration, we are offering a 10% discount on ALL pledge packages during the month of May! Settlement & Domain Selection is coming up and we want to encourage folks to get the most out of their layaways by completing them before selection occurs. In addition, if you were on the fence or sad that you missed the Kickstarter, it isn't too late to stake your claim in Elyria! Anyone who gets a package outright or finishes off their layaway this month will do so at the discounted price until June 1st at 10AM PDT.

At the same time, we are going to be giving 100% More Influence for anyone who has used your friend code and buys their first package in May. In other words, you'd receive 100 Influence and $10 store credit, instead of 50 and $5! This will only last until June 1st, so if your friends and guild mates have been dragging their feet, now's a great time to hold those feet to the warm, cozy fire that is Chronicles of Elyria!

See the Week 1 kickoff post

Week 2

Starting in the second week, we'll be running a 10% off sale on all Exposition Points items and introducing a limited-time EP Pack worth 3,000 EP for $200 - our best deal yet!

Exposition Points will be used during Exposition - the three months leading up to Launch - where players will be able to customize their settlements and put their imprint on Elyria. When new players come in at Launch, the governments, shops, and organizations they encounter will be the ones that players in Exposition created. Each server and settlement will be as unique as the players who live there! Expect a post with some additional guidance on what your EP will afford you during this week, as well.

If you've purchased EP packages before May 1st, never fear! All previously purchased EP packages will be receiving a 10% boost to their EP for buying early! And while the 10% discount ends in June, the additional 10% for your previously purchased EP packs is yours to keep!

See the Week 2 kickoff post

Week 3

But wait, there's more!

It has always been our plan to allow Guild Members and Town Residents a way to share the burden with their leaders through Guild Tokens and Villager Tokens, rather than put the entire onus of responsibility on the leader. For the last two weeks of May, we want to encourage more collaboration for settlements and organizations by running two raffle contests: one for Villager Tokens and one for Guild Tokens.

Players will be able to give their tokens to another player account starting the third week of May. We'll tally everything up at the end of the month and list the results, but we won't know who will win the prize until server selection is done because there will be a winning settlement and winning organization on each server. Once server selection is completed a little later in development, we will select the winner from the raffle pool and announce the recipients of the prize, now locked in on each server. Each token exchanged is an entry into the raffle. The winning settlement and winning organization will be based off of its leader, the player who receives the token.

  • The winning settlements are guaranteed to have a major story event occur in their settlement!
  • The winning organizations will be written into the lore and history of Elyria as we continue to develop the game!

So that you will know exactly what you'll be influencing with your tokens, expect a write-up on how they work in much more detail in a couple weeks.

Week 4

It's a surprise! We are keeping mum on the last promotion until it goes up in the fourth week of May. We're pretty sure people will be pleased, but you'll have to wait to find out... ^_^

A note on account merging and gifting...

We will be adding functionality to be able to merge accounts and gift packages to other accounts before Settlement / Domain Selection. Some folks have already purchased an additional package for a friend or spouse or themselves across multiple accounts, since there can only be 1 package per account in the current system. Here is what happens in each scenario:

Merge Accounts & Keep Everything

If you have multiple packages with the intention of combining everything into one mega-account, here is what you'll get:

  • Account Rewards: EP, Sparks, and Souls will stack
  • Character Rewards: Packs, Transportation, & Pets stack
  • Kingdoms, Duchies, and Counties don't stack, but instead become double domains. Settlements become 2x in size.
  • Bonus Rewards: All will stack
  • Total Influence: Will be the sum of both account's influence (minus any referral bonus for referring your own account - don't do that)

Give A Package As Gift

If you have multiple packages with the intention of giving it to another player in it's entirety, here is what happens:

  • All rewards associated with the package will transfer to the other account
  • Total Influence: Will be the sum of both packages since you're the one who paid for them
  • The person receiving the package will receive no Influence from the gift, but they'll have the package!

Transfer All Titles & Lands

If you have a package but wish to give all your titles and lands to another player, there will be an opportunity to do so before Settlement & Domain Selection. Here's what would happen:

  • All items under the Titles & Nobility would transfer to the new account, along with the accompanying villa or manor
  • Total Influence: Will stay the same since you still paid for it
  • You retain all other package rewards (launch party tickets, sparks of life, design experiences, etc)

NOTE: This is not the same as willing one of your titles to another player. Willing a title to another is done after Settlement & Domain Selection and you will still be responsible for picking your domain and/or settlement before willing them to another.

For example, if you want to have a county but give a friend your duchy, you'll do this after you've selected the lands.

NOTE: All of these promotions will end at 10AM PDT on June 1st.

Whether you backed us during the Kickstarter, got a package later from our online store, or are just hearing about the game for the first time, there is something for everyone. We've all been working hard to make this dream a reality and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and welcome you into our community!

Honored to be traveling alongside such brave and noble souls,


4/28/2017 4:54:13 AM #1

A year already. Gosh how time has flown.

FWIW, I was KS Backer #21 and wanted nothing but the best for this game.

4/29/2017 5:32:29 AM #2

The community event for the 3rd week sounds really nice ;)

4/29/2017 5:34:38 AM #3

I'm looking forward to it too! It will be the first official in game lore about community members, great idea

4/29/2017 5:40:08 AM #4

Huzzah ! Thanks for all your hard work soul bound, Glad to have been apart of the kick starter and I look forward to the members to come

4/29/2017 5:41:13 AM #5

Wow so awesome!

4/29/2017 6:13:11 AM #6

Thank you so much, SBS!

It's been a great year. Looking forward to adding value to the community in the years to come! Your generosity is much appreciated.

4/29/2017 6:48:45 AM #7

So this is another hint that landselection is coming may?

4/29/2017 6:51:02 AM #8

Posted By Maulvorn at 07:48 AM - Sat Apr 29 2017

So this is another hint that landselection is coming may?

Definately not :)

The events are happening throughout May, before land selection. That would put selection at June earliest ;)

EDIT.. unless perhaps that last week? Lol

4/29/2017 6:51:22 AM #9

All indicators are pointing in that direction, coupled with 'Pay off your layaways....soon' bit from Caspian. It's safe to assume, Maulvorn

4/29/2017 7:00:20 AM #10

Last week of May, something huge is happening. No idea what though.

I can't wait to see week 3 though, we should have an audition show for each major org/settlement.

With three judges: A snarky British one, a lenient kind one, and a soft spoken judgmental one.

4/29/2017 7:08:50 AM #11

A bit gutted about the 3k EP deals though. I've missed out buying EP early. Nm eh.

4/29/2017 7:12:07 AM #12


Sworn Count of Arkadia. Treasure of the Bank of Arkadia

House words: Arkadia Invictus

4/29/2017 7:17:08 AM #13

Posted By Kyxsune at 08:00 AM - Sat Apr 29 2017

Last week of May, something huge is happening. No idea what though.

I can't wait to see week 3 though, we should have an audition show for each major org/settlement.

With three judges: A snarky British one, a lenient kind one, and a soft spoken judgmental one.

Heeey I object. Why does the British one have to be snarky? Lol

Posted By Energ218 at 08:12 AM - Sat Apr 29 2017


Haha. He's clearly not happy :D

4/29/2017 7:46:07 AM #14

A fairly quick synopsis:

Politicopia Breaking News

4/29/2017 8:36:06 AM #15

I want to use my 10% store credit to get the game for a friend... during the 10% discount time. Is there anything I should know before I do this? I see the influence will go to me, but will this be invalid:

100% More Influence for anyone who has used your friend code and buys their first package in May. In other words, you'd receive 100 Influence and $10 store credit, instead of 50 and $5!