[EU/Tryggr] Clan Norseblood

"My oath is bound by blood, this I swear as a Norseblood"


Welcome to the main post of Clan Norseblood. In this post we would like to introduce ourselves and our goals to Elyria at large, and new recruits in particular.

Untill Exposition this post should be considered a work in progress.

Enter here at your own peril.


Clan Norseblood was a legendary warrior society that one day just disappeared.

Known for their melee prowess and tendencies to have wolves fight alongside them these Warriors carved out their myth in blood.

They helped rulers gain power and brought entire kingdoms for their knees. This lost clan, known only to take in the strong, disappeared hundreds of years ago after being betrayed by their employer.

Now, after being forced to crawl in the shadows in order to stay alive, they are back, ready to show the world once more why the name Norseblood should be feared.

Who are we

We are a mercenary order, with emphasis on “order”, that has a certain set off values,and a vague code of honour. We want individuals who are seeking the thrill of battle above money, though money certainly will play a part. We also worship wolves who we believe to be true incarnations of war.

We are loyal to our patrons and to our fellow brethren at arms. Before game launch we take in all who want to join and when game launches they will all be full members. Those who wish to join us after game launch will have to prove themselves strong enough to be able to join. As i said we are an order not a company.

Religion / The Path of Rage (optional)

(This is not an official religion, but we plan to achieve this via the cult system)

The Norsebloods worship wolves and believe these majestic creatures to be holy. Norsebloods will not fight wolves unless attacked or if it is absolutely necessary.

They main deity of the path is the spirit of war, named Rimmuvargr. He is the manifestation of war, blood and slaughter, but also of honour, glory and vengeance. Those who are considered to be his champions gain the title Valtröll.

To achieve this honour one must follow the path and be a merciless tyrant on the battlefield, granting death to all those foolish enough to face you (you have to be a very good pvp player).

It may now sound obvious, but this is a war based religion (pvp friendly). It encourages the battle and the act of “coup de grace”. We believe that “who wishes to fight must first count the cost”. You should be prepared to coup and be couped.

We encourage aggression and reckless behaviour (as long as it is not stupid behaviour, since that would simply waste away your spark of life), glory on the battlefield and honour in victory.

But this does not mean that we encourage killing farmers and peasants. Since they make our food and equipment it is considered honourless to kill them or as we prefer to say: “There is no honour in killing a weakling with less combat experience than a worm”.

It is also encouraged that members of this religion use a wolf as their animal companion, since there is no beast of war more loyal than a wolf.

What is in it for you

As we are mercenaries, and we battle for gold. The Clan Norseblood will provide you with a place to call home and a suitable contract for your expertise. And see that you are paid according to skill.

We will also provide those who wish to join us with training and a chance to prove themselves. When hired you will be known as “Oath Bloods” (not full members). If you prove yourself worthy, you may become a Norseblood (a full member).

Pay and status will rise accordingly, and we will also provide full members with suitable training to keep them on top off their game.

Upon taking a contract the clan provides for you all necessary provisions and expenses for your journey. In exchange 20% off your payment goes to the clan as payment for what the clan provided you. However any item or coin you find while on your contract is yours (I think you know what this means, depending on the job).

The clan will hire the weapon and armorsmiths in order to always have up to date equipment at the ready. Said equipment will be sold to members at a discount along with beasts of war and animal companions (which we breed ourselves).

By joining us you also gain access to a network of guilds and companies stationed within Tryggr.


We want to specialise those who follow us so that they are able to earn themselves more fame and glory in battle (and to help them live longer).

Thus we split our forces in three divisons;

  • Infantry
  • Ambush
  • Cavalry

However the ranks within these divisions remain the same.

Council Of Three / Leaders

  • Vaulgrm
  • Mundilfari
  • unnamed

These are the ranks for Norsebloods

  • Exalted Norseblood Commander
  • Norseblood Reaver Squad leader
  • Norseblood Warrior Elite unit
  • Norseblood Member

These are the ranks for Oathbloods

  • Proven Oathblood Can become a full member
  • Trusted Oathblood Footman who has proven himself trustworthy
  • Oathblood An innitiate who is unknown and unproven


We plan on becoming one of the leading mercenary guilds within CoE EU/C server via superior battle tactics, fighting power/skill and clever business decisions.

We want to create a close and non toxic pvp community, that can work together for the sake of a common goal (Battle, fame and fortune, in this order)

We want to breed beasts of war, mostly because we want to use them but also to sell them (to the highest bidder).

We aim to be professional and have a good rep for jobs and a bad rep regarding mercy on the battlefield

We plan to live by these values;

  • Honour Don’t screw other people over it is bad for business.

  • Selective killing Preferably not killing peasants and none combatants unless provoked. These guys make our food and equipment… we sort of need them.

  • We do not betray our own I know this is part of Honour but i decided to put it here as a warning. Screw over the clan and it will hunt you down.

  • Have fun playing a game This is our main goal in game

So do you feel like this aggressive playstyle suits you, then send us a pm or join us directly on discord

Clan Norseblood


All members must understand English and be able to write it the the extent that people can understand them.

Drama between members is not looked upon kindly and will be dealt with swiftly.

Betray your employer and there will be consequences, fail the contract and you get no pay (business is business and we want to be professional)

This is an RP / light RP group but non RP players are welcome since we value skill most. (We just think it is more fun to kill for a reason … even if it’s vague).

We prefer mountain tundra or artic biome

As said before the religious part is entirely optional, it's just to create extra lore and rp. Can probably also be useful as a fear tactic.

Posted on behalf of Vaulgrm Norseblood.

Duke of Turadh Friend Code 1537DA

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Looking good @Vaulgrm!

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Thnx m8 @DARHK

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Looks fine ;)

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Looks good lad! I always wondered however what started your interest in wolves or if it was something to make the Clan unique?

“He that keeps not his arms in time of peace will have none in time of war.”

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No we want to breed wolves, they make for good beasts of war. We will also try to breed them into riding size, most likely fail but at least we'd have really big wolves

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Interesting, looks like we the Myrmidon Order and you the Norseblood will follow the same Cult. As we are going to pray to the Wrathful Guardian.

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I am going to impregnate a wolf and make a wolf/human hybrid

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Posted By MyrmexNamykos at 11:08 PM - Thu May 04 2017

Interesting, looks like we the Myrmidon Order and you the Norseblood will follow the same Cult. As we are going to pray to the Wrathful Guardian.

Wolves and war .... it fits. Praise be Valgræm.

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Posted By RagnarokEU at 11:10 PM - Thu May 04 2017

I am going to impregnate a wolf and make a wolf/human hybrid

... Interesting, at least it can be used for war? :'D

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Followers of Valgræm will be known far and wide each one legendary in their own right, If you seek to obtain such warrior renown seek no further...

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If you seek a warrior society that values honour and battle, then your place is within Clan Norseblood