[NA-E] County of Arenthia

The Grand County of Arenthia, has been the home of House Dal Riata for centuries. Weristarc has grown due to the incorporation of lands reclaimed during the War of Steadfast Shields. The citizens of the county have historically been inclusive and fierce, residing in the forested mountains and foothills of the region that is now the Duchy of Weristarc and Kingdom of Bordweall.

Arenthia was forged through the War of Steadfast Shields, reclaiming the territory of fallen pledged Houses and uniting against the Empire of Xeilias. The people of Arenthia are born with pride and valor pursuing their diverse ambitions to the highest degree. With this the people of Arenthia uphold our ancestral pillars - cooperation, prosperity and knowledge.

Ancestral Pillars


A great importance is allotted to knowledge, it is a pillar of a prosperous and thriving community; with knowledge comes potential for all. This mindset uplifts all play-styles, providing citizens, merchants, guilds and organizations the opportunity to thrive in all aspects.


Diversity is key to success, diversity in trade, profession, play-style and knowledge. Every citizen has an ambition established, some even before stepping into our bustling market or selecting our community as their home. Arenthia encourages these ambitions and hopes to help provide the necessary structure and community needed. All should reach their maximum potential, while achieving the maximum amount of fun.


All are welcome and safe within Arenthia; however, to forge a lasting community, we need to be connected both through mindset, roads and might. These connections will span the entire county allowing citizens and foreigners to traverse our great lands with ease. The community and mindset that has been established here is of the utmost importance and will be protected.

Culture and Biome

The Houses of Arenthia is based on a Germanic and Celtic cultural theme. The biome of Arenthia is the Grasslands with majority population of Neran, with minor populations of the Waerd and Dras.

Our most abundant resource is farmland, followed by game. However, the vast majority of resources are available in the county.

Those looking to farm with find plentiful farmland and fresh water; traders will find capitals to sell their wares; seamstresses will find textiles and silk; fishermann and sailors have rivers and the ocean to explore; soldiers will find a garrison ready for their enlistment; masons will found settlements dedicated to their craft; and there is more to be found, known and sought after!

Public Works and Initiatives

The cities and strongholds of Arenthia are defined by their desire to become some of the finest settlements, each with their own culture, focus and charm. In this desire, construction of great landmarks and policies to intrigue and benefit all citizens have emerged such as the Great Library of Arenthia, Hall of Vagrul as well as the Institutional Grant Incentive.

Great Library of Arenthia, the most notable landmark of Helmryk, will be a public library to allow knowledge to flourish throughout Arenthia. The library will be open to the public, house great works of art and feats of knowledge, research and engineering. All are welcome to learn about their craft, our history or taming an otterbear.

Hall of Vagrul, constructed in memoriam to Chieftess Rynol’a Vagrul who sought a path for warriors to test their strength and wit against the finest mercenaries, warriors and soldiers the world had to offer. To be able to claim prestige and competition through the battles of the great hall. Warriors and war maidens attempt to tear fame, glory and riches from the clenched grasp of their opponents. Champions rise and fall inside the Hall of Vagrul.

Organization Incentives, Arenthia will be offering grants to encourage and help aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses. Well-developed ideas will be supported to aid in the development of guilds, schools, breweries, tailors and more. The hope is to encourage the growth of ideas and establish a diverse economy.

Visiting Professor Program, If citizens wish to learn but, are unable to find the proper professional in the county a professor will be found. Arenthia will be working with academies, guilds and schools so that visiting professors from outside the county, duchy or kingdom are welcome and compensated to teach within our county. The hope is to encourage learning of all professions and the continually betterment of all citizens.

Why Settle in Arenthia?

By being pledged to an eminent Great Houses in the Duchy of Weristarc. Schools, guilds, trade and military organizations are all within reach. Be a part of a tradition of strength.

  • Well-connected trading, and established roads throughout the Duchy of Weristarc and Kingdom of Bordweall.

  • Established land grants and loans to aid schools, academies and guilds in their creation and development.

  • All citizens have the ability to influence and change the future of Arenthian laws and policies by becoming a Viscount based on contractual meritocracy.

  • Establish a legacy, home and path in the vastness of our lands, libraries and trade.

  • To start enjoying being part of a community now, to have discussions on theory-crafting and game together.

Be a citizen of the County of Arenthia to have fun, earn wealth, enjoy a rich future, track down bandits or be a bandit; all of this will be part of our legacy.

Who is Arenthia looking for?

We have three pillars as a county - cooperation, prosperity and knowledge. With this in mind, we will be looking for people who have a drive for forward.

We all search for prosperity through wealth, influence, knowledge and martial. These diverse means of prosperity strengthen the cause of our citizens and county. Together we will face shared troubles and enjoy shared triumph. As a united force with diverse knowledge and skills we can withstand any threat that would otherwise overwhelm an individual. With these pillars and understanding of them we will be able to become a successful, strong and robust people and county.

We hope to find researchers, crafters, teachers, warriors, adventurers and merchants, and all who strive to accomplish personal and communal success are welcome in the County of Arenthia.

Joining Arenthia

Joining Arenthia this early is simple for most. Those looking to join as citizens need only visit our community discord and make their intentions known.

Barons and Mayors seeking to join Arenthia will undergo a friendly interview before being allowed to pledge their loyalty. This is to ensure that the expectations and goals of Aristocracy aligns with what will be required of them. Also, to ensure the continued construction of a healthy and progressing community. The interview will be conducted on discord. Currently, Arenthia has two Aristocracy settlements remaining.

11/21/2016 5:16:50 AM #1

Council of Clans

The government of Arenthia will be the Council of Clans which is comprised of all Barons, Baronesses and Mayors throughout the county. The members of the Council of Clans will have an equal vote and voice, which will be creating, voting and debating on the laws, policies and taxation systems for the county. Each settlement is represented in the casting of a vote by their respective Council of Clans member. Council of Clans members are able to discuss voting matters with their populace, to better acknowledge and address their opinions and worries as well as to allow transparency.

Barons, Baronesses and Mayors will govern and develop their land within their own visions. The goal of Arenthia is to have a community where all players are welcome and are allowed to pursue cooperation, prosperity and knowledge in their own terms.

Civil Governance

In order for Arenthia to seamlessly work for our citizens, guilds and institutions. Positions need to be filled and held by responsible, reliable and helpful citizens for the betterment of the county. Ideal candidates for these roles will be self-sufficient and adaptable, while respecting chain of command and the needs of the county. Those who demonstrate their loyalty and competence will be rewarded for their service with a title and wealth. These contractual meritocracy positions are;

Viscount of Hospitality

Held by: Open Position

In-charge of promoting the prowess and capabilities of the county and institutions as well as recruiting institutions and citizens to Arenthia. Promoting Arenthia as an economic county for trade and business. Will manage and promote holidays and events as well as ensure a welcoming and enjoyable community.

Viscount of Design

Held by: Open Position

Is the county architect ensuring the proper logistics and infrastructure are in place to allow security, growth and prosperity. Maintains and monitors infrastructure, helps logically, coordinate county-wide expansion and advises the Council of Clans.

Viscount of Finance

Held by: Juan Deages

Manages collection of taxes and county contracts. Works with guilds, institutions, businesses and citizens who wish to establish and improve business ties within the county. Ensure that proper infrastructure and governmental support is provided.

Viscount of the Environment

Held by: Ulric Rudra

Is trusted to converse and protect the environment and natural resources of the county. Maintains the official laws and information with regards to over-hunting, resource depletion and illegal resource gathering. Watches over troop monitoring, patrol and protection of the environmental riches of the county from illegal activity. Advises the Council of Clans.

Viscount of Business

Held by: Open Position

Is a representative of institutional leaders (schools, guilds, associations, stores). Is trusted by the business owners of the county to advise the Council of Clans on matters regarding the economic health of the county. Also, advice on policies and laws, help define targeted recruitment campaigns as well as brings the concerns of businesses to the Council of Clans.

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Our Settlements

Count Naberius Dal Riata of Helmryk

Helmryk plans to be a primer center for researching, crafting and education. It is home of the Arenthian College of Military Technology and the Great Library of Arenthia, both of which allow knowledge and a diverse economy to be anchored always forward. The markets of Helmryk flourish with diversity, talented craftsman, artists and researchers spurring on the economy – all are welcome and will find a home in Helmryk.

Aristocrat Hastings Ulfsson of Ulflundr

Settlement description coming soon!

Aristocrat Merek Rainier of Skara Brae

Skara Brae plans to foster an environment which all citizens are can pursue their goals, while contributing to the settlement. We hope to be on or near the coast or a river. Skara will establish a dominant foothold in the market of military mounts in throughout our kingdom. We also want to attract professional mercenaries and fighters in order to provide security for the city itself and trade routes.

Aristocrat Riaghailt Dal Riata of Alrenwyck Castle

Alrenwyck is a castletown with rich historical and cultural ties to the Bladdic people and their culture. The Blaiddic people are an assimilated militaristic and ancestral pagans whose battle prowess and legends date back before the formation of Arenthia. These ties are still held dearly to this day. Alrenwyck welcomes all, especially those wishing to learn the ancestral teachings of battle and uphold our legacy.

Aristocrat Salazar Reinhardt of Titan’s Hold

Titan’s Hold plans to focus on gathering and crafting with special attention towards agriculture and alchemy. Which will host a center dedicated to research into the arts of alchemy in order to help citizens, and discover new alchemical elements to aid in research and technology. Everyone will be welcome into our aspiring town, traders, specialty crafters, military combatants, and whomever else finds their way into our humble settlement.

Aristocrat Verdal Dragvandill of Anavir Parish

Anavir Parish is blessed by nature's wealth, nevertheless we strive to uphold and advance our prosperity through research and stable productivity. Aiming to be compete in research and development, Anavir Parish also hopes to be an agricultural center, feeding the citizenry of the Duchy of Weristarc. Balancing knowledge and practice, reaching for the best of both prosperity and growth.

Our Organizations

Arenthian College of Military Technology

11/21/2016 9:00:45 PM #3

Looks great! Glad to have an esteemed county and college with Helgrim Enterprises and the Duchy of Zylphania.

11/22/2016 1:41:30 AM #4

Arenthia looks forward to close cooperation with Helgrim and our others across the Duchy of Zylphania and the Kingdom of Vornair :)

11/23/2016 5:36:32 PM #5

Thank you, Rheika!

Indeed, we hope to work collaboratively with institutions from across all kingdoms. The spread of knowledge is an important aspect of both the county and college.

12/8/2016 4:17:43 PM #6

Lore about the Dalridian Highlanders, coming soon! We can't wait to share with the CoE community!

12/9/2016 3:07:50 PM #7

We are pleased to announce our newest Baron to our growing community - Salazar Reinhardt. We looking forward to developing a strong military and community, and background story with his barony.

If you are looking for a economic and military focused county as a citizen or aristocracy. Come by our Discord to ask questions, mingle or join our community!

12/11/2016 4:54:36 AM #8

Greetings, and thank you for the introduction. I am Salazar Reinhardt and I will be but one of the baronies under The County of Arenthia. Our barony will be focused on alchemy, farming, and military. I hope to create a strong, close knit town that sells Alchemy goods under the Helgrim Enterprise name.

12/12/2016 11:10:16 PM #9

Welcome Baron Reinhardt!

Update: The Great Library of Arenthia is now live!

12/13/2016 12:58:13 AM #10

It seems like everyone is going east, I'm sad. Though you're county looks very organized. Very nice :)

12/15/2016 1:19:22 AM #11

There are a couple kingdoms in west now. I'm it will balance out.

Thank you, Kaloki. Your kind words are much appreciated.

12/18/2016 3:42:15 AM #12

Civilian Notice: The Dalridian Highlanders are searching for information of the whereabouts of one Count Crowley II of Lintenburg. Wanted for conspiracy for the Arenthian Civil War and the murders of Former Count Aryn Thylacinus Dal Riata of Arenthia, Lord Wodan Dal Riata-Reti, and Romulus Dal Riata-Reti. The individual has been last seen heading east with some retainers following the sacking of Lintenburg. If you have information regarding this matter please contact any nearby Dalridian patrol.

~Triona Priom Riaghailt Dal Reti, 9th Division of Dalridian Highlanders, Blaidds of Helmryk.

12/19/2016 4:55:34 PM #13

We have updated our recruitment post! It now has a Frequently Asked Question section.

Also, Arenthia is looking for guilds that are looking for a place to settle and set up their community. We seek players to fill the roles throughout our county to create a prosperous community. Our aristocracy would be happy to talk with anyone interested in joining.

If you have questions, want more info or would just like to get to know us better. Feel free to join our discord any time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Count Naberius Dal Riata

12/21/2016 11:29:58 PM #14

Looking forward to running my Barony and commanding my troops!

Join Today!

12/21/2016 11:34:39 PM #15

We should create some fun weekly events that our people can participate in Naberius.

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