[NA-West] The Duchy of Le Clair



  • Recruitment: Open
  • Language: English
  • Region: NA-W
  • Affiliation: Kingdom of Ashland.
  • Tribes: Hrothi (70%), Neran (15%), Brudvir (12%), Unaccounted (3%)
  • Motto: “Same drive, different passion.”
  • Tagline: Are you in same?

Resting upon the Northeastern coast of Ashland lies the hearty, industrial, academic, and commercially focused Duchy of Le Clair. Founded by the Noble house of Foehammer Alexander, the formation of Le Clair predates Ashland, having sworn fealty to the very first of the Kimura royal lineage. Residents of Le Clair are bounded by their passion for knowledge, technology, and creativity - with the shared vision of yielding the most exceptional Scholars, Artists, Musicians, and Engineers (SAME). Faithful to a proud military heritage and composed of mostly no-nonsense, rugged delving dwellers, hard work is etched on our calloused hands. Our loyalty can't be bought, but we won't stop you from trying. So I ask, are you in same?

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About Me & The Duchy of Le Clair:

First and foremost, I'm here to have fun, I try not to take myself so seriously, and I would like to believe it's worked out pretty good thus far. We are a small, happy, and tight-knit group. Many of us know each other in real life or have been playing online together for many years. Don't let that detract you, we would love to extend our family to you even if you aren't a resident. So please, don't be shy, hop in our discord, and join us for some casual gaming while we wait to deploy in CoE.

Residents of The Duchy of Le Clair are bounded by their passion for knowledge, technology, and creativity - with the shared vision of yielding the most exceptional Scholars, Artists, Musicians, and Engineers (SAME). Are you in same?

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A Formal Introduction:

The Duchy of Le Clair- Meaning: 'Bright', 'Light'

Citizens who gravitate towards knowledge, technology, and creativity. I hope you will find yourself at home in any of the counties of light. Le Clair aims to provide the realm a home for the finest Scholars, Artists, Musicians, and Engineers. A place with the opportunity to grow as much or as little as each denizen desires.

The County of Hammer-

Aiming to be the Center for Engineering and Innovation, the county of Hammer will spare no effort to research prototyping, advanced engineering services, and serve as the technical education center for the Duchy of Le Clair. Those searching for a dedicated development and training environment should look no further.

The Seaside Capital Delving of Arrabi-

Arrabi is the Ducal seat, a seaside port, and the gateway to the Drachenritter Corps -- those charged with the honor of protecting the residents of Le Clair and answering the call of the King of Ashland. As the gateway to the Corps, Arrabi aims to house the most exceptional military war college in the Duchy and as a port, foster domestic and international trade.

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Political Platform:

Government: Goals for the Duchy

  • Build a strong volunteer based military that is well equipped, trained, and able to be deployed appropriately, in service of the Duchy or the Kingdom.
  • Provide transparency to the citizens.
  • Provide low cost public education, training, and crafting stations.
  • Establish a congressional voting system.
  • Ensure each Stronghold/City built can flourish. By means of safety and inter-connectivity.
  • Peace through strength will be at the center of our foreign policy.
  • To work side by side with our allies.
  • Work to become the realms #1 provider of education, technology, and the arts.

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Congress of Le Clair:

The Le Clair Congress is a bicameral legislature of the Duchy consisting of: The House of Lords, and the House of Commons.

The purpose of the congress will be to decide legislature for the entire Duchy.

The House of Lords, will be filled by the aristocracy and nobility. Both houses are equal partners in the legislative process.

The representatives of the House of Commons will be chosen periodically through direct election – the seats cannot be held by aristocracy or nobility. Every citizen will have the opportunity to become involved in the dance of dynasties.


  • House of Lords: 1 seat per county, 1 seat per tax paying settlement.
  • House of Commons: 1 seat per county, 1 seat per tax paying settlement.

One seat constitutes one vote.

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The Drachenritter Corps:

Core Values: Service, Honor, Integrity, Excellence, Loyalty, and Duty (SHIELD).

Le Clair's all volunteer based military.

Recruiting those interested in service and adventure! RP-PVP structured combat.

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Armor design experience sketch Version 1 armor-v1.png

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Dragonkin - all creatures descended from and to include dragons.

Drachenritter - German for Dragon Knight.

Legendary character - A reincarnated dragon, born into human flesh.

Honorable mentions: Nidhogg, a dragon in Norse mythology -- it’s name might refer to its role as a horrific monster and the Human Duke who rediscovers the legend.

Long ago in the age of Dragonkin, legend tells of a man – born with the soul of a dragon. Perhaps it was his karma, perhaps merely destiny.

He wondered, what might he have done to deserve such a cruel fate. No longer a dragon, not quite a man – an abomination in human flesh.

Finally, able to see through the lenses of a human – he grew, and felt the atrocities Dragonkin would subject them to.

To reconcile his sins, he forged the Drachenritter Corp. He imbued his Knights with dragon magic – tethering them to his own ether pool, granting them the ability to finally go toe to toe with their mighty foe.

One by one human cities were freed of their subjugation as each dragon was slain. Morale couldn’t be higher and the man’s purpose clearer.

Nidhogg king of dragons, soon grew tired of their follies and vowed to set fire to the planet – leave humanity but dust and echoes.

Outnumbered and outmatched, the man knew his only hope to put an end to the suffering was to destroy Nidhogg and the Dragonkin power at the source.


art comissioned from 0oki

During the confrontation, the man managed to mortally wound Nidhogg. But fate is not without a sense of irony. As Nidhogg drew his last breath, so too did all remaining Dragonkin – to include the man, as his soul was still dragon.

After the death of the man and the Dragonkin. The Drachenritter, no longer connected to the ether, lost their dragon magic. Without a foe and now leaderless, the Corps was dissolved.

As time passed, the legend faded from tongues. That is until one day a young Duke, born from a Kingdom that rose from the ashes, rediscovered the lost tale.

Inspired by their courage against all odds, he structured his army in their honor – and much like the original Drachenritter, seeks to ensure a tranquil existence for all.

Glory but an inch from the tip of his polearm, Azaael seized the dying moment to turn his ears to the fate of his comrades, the Knights holding a bloody court with the remainder of the Dragonkin army just outside of the imposing blueish expansion of the hidden cave where he stood over Nidhogg, defeated warrior king of the Dragonkin.

Defeated, but not slain.

Nidhogg smiled to himself. His sages had foretold the coming of the Dragonkin born of human flesh, and the old Dragon King had long awaited his time to do battle with this legend. Nidhogg had brought peace to the land of the humans, and he was about to see his creation destroyed by a few rebellious souls who had, for many generations, inflicted worst pain on themselves than any that the dragons had ever created.

The obtuse speak very stupidly of war's glory. Even the victorious screams of Azaael's elite Drachenritter Knights as they put steel and magic to the last few souls of the brave Dragonkin were no victory to Azaael – a triumph over a brother is no cause for celebration.

Their eyes met. They had never stopped meeting. Yet Azaael saw and heard only sorrow. He felt no mandate.

"Yield." The Dragon King said to Azaael, "You think you are fighting an enemy. You are fighting a brother. We are the same! The magic that you use so easily and have given to your unknowing friends comes from the soul of the Dragon. No human can properly control these powers, and the fact that they emanate from you means that you have the soul of a Dragon. "

The Dragon King continued, "If you kill me now, you will die as well. As King of the dragons, your soul is connected to mine. I am the light of our race, and I have brought peace to your kingdom. Humans do nothing but fight and destroy! Come back to your soul. Come back to the truth." The moment paused.

Azaael awaited the flicker of light that would allow the death stroke and the end of this damned war. The now fully victorious Knights began to rush into Nidhogg's hidden throne room and witnessed, to their glory, that seemed frozen in time. From habit, they levied their spears as if the mortally wounded and suffering King posed them a credible threat, each of them wondering if they had shed enough dragon blood for Azaael to possibly step aside and allow him the honor of the killing blow.

One shouted with a piercing bloodthirst, "It is done. Finish him!"

The obtuse speak very stupidly. Azaael turned his eye ever so slightly, his spear coming off center ever so slightly. The moment of anyone's glory had passed; the next moment had begun. Now this – this is the evil spirit in which war can take place.

With a despondent grin, Azaael whispers something – inaudible to the Drachenritter.

The crafty, dying King's eyes flickered one last time, lighting up with the burning yellow fire that had once torched the entire sky. He brought down the entire cave on the Knights with the First Incantation - the Screaming Vow - calling upon his soul's very connection to the heartstrings of the world. In the middle of Chaos itself, Azaael brought down his spear, mixing his blood, tears, fury and sorrow with that of the illuminant, resplendent King Nidhogg for the last time. Those seeking glory, found it.

Later, the remaining Knights exhumed the body of Azaael, untouched by magic or the earthquake, laying side by side with his mortal foe, with the same mortal wounds. As they oiled and cleaned his body to prepare for an honored burial, lo - the wounds of Nidhogg were found to be clean as well. The Drachenritter felt their magic leave from them, for the spirit of the magic was now dead. They felt dead. However, they were free.

The Duke's head arose ever so slightly from the faded ink of the worn storybook as it had so many times before. The legend of the man had so inspired him that he had created his army in the image of the Drachenritter. He felt as though he could relate to the Dragonkin, and with this spirit had grown his Duchy up from the ashes of nothingness.

The Duke's highest wish: to pay homage to the legend of the Dragonkin by finding his spirit through victory rather than losing it.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Looking forward to working with you.

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And I with you Sanguinesh.

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Thank you stoic, you're the best!

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Nice looking thread here! I look forward to working with you, and your vassals in KoE and so on.

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Vassal ... always found that word odd for some reason ...

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Thanks countess awenita - mine is no where near as sharp as yours.