27 April

Aging & Body Dynamics Video Preview

By Caspian

In this technical preview Soulbound Studios shows off Aging & Body Dynamics in their upcoming MMORPG, Chronicles of Elyria.

Character aging is a core mechanic of the game as aging and eventually dying contributes heavily to the dynamic and immersive feeling of the world. As well, the system isn't just cosmetic. As your character ages their physical attributes begin to atrophy and are harder to maintain, while your mental and some social skills become easier to develop.

In this video, a character ages from 25 to 75 years old. This process normally takes approximately 7 months, but has been radically sped up to showcase the gradual transition in a more obvious way.

In addition to the aging system the video showcases the Body Dynamics feature. In Chronicles of Elyria, character customization doesn't end with character creation. Instead, it continues after you enter the world based on how you play your character. As a result, a baker, barkeep, blacksmith, librarian, alchemist, or champion will all look visibly different to reflect their chosen profession.

This is necessary for the survival mechanics inherent in Chronicles of Elyria. If you're walking along on a deserted highway and a heavy-set woman approaches with an apron hanging from her neck and a ladle in her belt, you're probably pretty safe. But if a muscular, lean-looking fellow approaches with chain mail on his head and two blades on his hips, chances are good he knows how to use them.

This all serves to remind people that everyone in Chronicles of Elyria is a potential ally, as well as a potential enemy. The questions is...

Will you follow a path of virtue... or something darker?

Chronicles of Elyria - Aging & Body Dynamics Tech Preview