28 May

Kickstarterversary: This Ship is Sailing!

By Serpentius

Hail Elyrians!

We're at the home stretch of our 2nd Kicktstarterversary! The final week is upon us so now is the time for you to decide how many milestones you will achieve together. Will the Mydarri appear at launch? Will you get a Mydarri write-up? (250k unpublished milestone). Only time will tell as we barrel towards the end of this event. Monitor the store tracker to see what bonus rewards have already been unlocked!

Milestones Achieved So Far:

  • Kypiq Party Pack
  • Purebread Horse
  • Pack Bonuses
  • Special Title
  • Otter Bear Cub (remains after event ends)
  • Otter Bear Mount (remains after event ends)
  • Mystery Box

Together as a community you have unlocked 7 of the milestones so far, what rewards will be won when the event is over? Are there holdovers who were waiting until the last week to make their purchases? We'll find out over the next few days!

Last week you achieved the Otterbear mount and seafaring options for war, click here to see what was added.

So with that I wish you good fortune on your quest; may your barrels be full of rum, and the wind be ever in your sails.

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

It wouldn't be a good Kickstarterversary if there weren't a few surprises. Speeding into port for sale until the end of May is this new beauty:

Coastal Cutter

A fast and light ship capable of carrying cargo, troops, or both!

(This image helps show the scale of the boat in comparison to a Neran-height figure)

To understand the volume of cargo this ship can hold, here's a below deck shot:

More angles of the Coastal Cutter:

The cutter isn't built for war or deep water, but its incredible agility in comparison to other ships often makes it the perfect choice for coastal patrols looking to discourage raiders. At the same time, its mast placement and sails can push the cutter to speeds that are hard to maintain for other ships, making it a popular choice among coastal traders looking for a ship that can outrun threats and outpace the competition.

A Fleet of Options

With our Kickstarterversary in its final week, there are quite a few items both new and old for you to choose from.

To assist the community in keeping track of the Community Rewards backers can earn throughout the month, we added this milestone progress bar.

To view details of which awards are given out after the end of the event versus those available in the store, please review the FAQ here.

Final Few Days!

This special promotional event continues for only 4 more days! and after that, all of the special items that were added to the store will be gone or return to the vault.

The promotions going back are:

  • Carriage for Two
  • The Love Boat
  • Buy the Farm
  • Otterbarge
  • Cottage for Two
  • War-on-a Boat

A la carte items returning to the vault:

  • 2250 EP Items
  • 3000 EP Items
  • Foxcelot Pet
  • Song Birds
  • Colony Starter Kit
  • Rowboat
  • River Barge
  • Coastal Raider
  • Coastal Cutter

Note: Pet Otterbear Cub and Otterbear Mount will remain since you unlocked them.

Don't be a scallywag, get to the store and snatch up some of these lovelies for yourself, before the hourglass runs out!

On behalf of the whole team at Soulbound Studios, thank you for your continued support!


As always, more to come...