12 March

Renewal Festival Store Event

By Kaizen

Last month, thousands of Elyrians got into the spirit of sharing and caring with our Elyria and Chill event. Plenty of players got their hands on festive items to keep their friends, family, and companions close during the winter. As spring approaches on Earth, we're running a new promotion in Chronicles of Elyria.

This month, it's time to learn more about the Renewal Festival!

Many players have been asking us for items catered for farming and agriculture. For a limited time, from today, March 12th, until March 30th at noon PDT, upgrade your pledge with items that will help your settlement flourish!

Creative Director Snipehunter even has newly revealed lore for you to learn more about how these items tie into Chronicles of Elyria.

Head to the store right now to pledge to the production of Chronicles of Elyria and claim these limited-time items!

Buy the Farm

Invite a pair of friends to help you cultivate your parcel of land!

Ready to buy the farm and settle down to cultivate the land with a pair of friends? You'll receive one parcel of land to farm, along with a quaint barn complete with an ox and wagon. But farms take work, so gift 2 Elyrian packages to your friends to help with mucking the stables.


  • 2 Elyrian packages (giftable)
  • 1 Parcel of land
  • Barn
  • Ox
  • Wagon

Note: NOT Giftable, but the Elyrian packages are. Requires Settler pledge or higher. To trade, wait for game launch.

Cardinal Beekeeper Kit

A kit containing everything you need to start a colony for the rare Cardinal Bee.

Much like on Earth, Elyrian fields and flowers are pollinated by bees. If you dream of being a renowned beekeeper in Elyria, then this is the package for you. You'll receive a hive box and beekeeper's gear, plus the rare Cardinal Bees of legend and their Queen. These bees increase germination and growth rates of plants in their area, and their honey provides bonuses to healing and vitality when used in foods or potions.


  • Hive box
  • Rare Cardinal Queen Bee
  • Rare Cardinal Bees
  • Beekeeper's gear

Note: Bundle is giftable, items are not. To trade, wait for game launch.

Apitherapy Primer

Enjoy the healing powers of honey or start your own apothecary with these folk remedies!

The worldwide use of honey as medicine has continued uninterrupted since ancient times and now you can be a part of it, either to enjoy the healing powers for yourself or as a start to an apothecary shop. You'll receive a jar of rare Cardinal Bee honey - which provides bonuses to healing and vitality - along with a selection of honey related items and their recipes.


  • Jar of rare Cardinal Bee honey
  • Flagon of Mead and recipe
  • Sweet Honey Cake and recipe
  • Wound Salve and recipe

Note: Bundle is giftable, items are not. To trade, wait for game launch.

Foxcelot Pet

Get a helpful foxcelot to keep your farm pest free and your heart bursting with cuteness!

Keep or gift this adorable foxcelot, an Elyrian animal that is a mix of a fox and ocelot. This foxcelot pet can be trained to hunt down the annoying pests who threaten your farm and crops. Or you can just enjoy the company and the cuteness.

Note: Randomly gendered, trainable farm Foxcelot suited to your claiming character's biome. This item can be gifted to another player.

Pilgrimage Supplies

Everything you need to undertake the Pilgrimage of Renewal. Ritual foods not included.

Once a generation and twice in a lifetime, many Elyrians undertake a rite of passage called the Pilgrimage of Renewal. During this solemn journey of self-reflection pilgrims wear their festival garb which makes them both easy to identify and keeps their body pure. Prepare for your Pilgrimage of Renewal with these supplies, including a special food bag, a lantern to light your way, complete festival garb, and the poppy seeds you'll need in order to grow your poppies before the journey.


  • Uncommon Beeswax Sealed Food Bag (auto-food-consuming bag)
  • Travel Lantern and pattern
  • Festival Garb
  • Bag of uncommon Cardinal Poppy seeds (includes the tiny bag)

Antique Orrery

A working model of the Elyrian solar system for your home or studio. Mostly accurate...

For the enthusiastic astronomer or just the Elyrian who gazes up at the stars to wonder what is out there, we present a scaled model of the Elyrian solar system. This beautiful antique orrery will become a feature in your house for all who visit. Spin the working model to see the planets orbit and be reminded of space above.

Join us and your fellow community members in celebrating the Renewal Festival. Claim your limited-time item now! Don't wait until the sale ends on March 30th at noon PDT.


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