[Survey] M/F choices

Hello, future CoE players. This is just a little personal survey of mine that might help me decide what I'm going to do with my own characters. Hopefully, it can also help others undecided about the topic.

When you create your first character in CoE, will you be making them the same sex as you? What is your reasoning behind it?

4/25/2019 6:31:14 AM #31

Male playing male here, I have failed to play a female even in games like Diablo II.

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4/25/2019 6:56:26 AM #32

Posted By Roarer at 3:31 PM - Thu Apr 25 2019

Male playing male here, I have failed to play a female even in games like Diablo II.

Haha, that is an achievement, Roarer.

4/25/2019 8:44:20 AM #33

Personally will be playing a male as my main most likely. Will possibly have a female alt.

Also, gender will most likely affect certain attributes. The devs have stated that a characters appearance should reflect their capabilities. A smaller female might be more dexterous. A muscular Male will likely be stronger than a less muscular female.

If I remember correctly, Caspian commented on how strong a yoru would actually be based off their size during the character creation livestream.

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4/25/2019 5:13:23 PM #34

I’m think I’m a male in real life, although I’m not really sure to be honest. Physically I am male, but I plan on playing a female character, an OC that I created long ago but never really used in any proper RP to date. From a gameplay perspective, this fits my generally dexterity/agility focused playstyle, but I would play as her either way. As for future generations, I’ll go with whatever I get, but in a toss up between a male and female heir with about equal stats I’ll probably choose the female one.

4/25/2019 8:53:52 PM #35

Male - after all, Bedeude is a male name (i think...) at least it has been for me in every mmo i've played lol.

4/25/2019 8:56:04 PM #36

I always play my own sex: male. I never really tried to play a female and it does not appeal to me anyway. and no, I am not arroused looking at my character's butt for 6 hours straight. it might be fun for a few moments but nothing lasting a year.

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4/26/2019 3:10:12 AM #37

Male for immersion and rp reasons.

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4/26/2019 8:36:44 AM #38

Personally I'd feel more myself and centered if my CoE lives are male, as I am in RL... Though, I had thought about leaving it to fate (Rolling the Dice really...) with each new life after the first few... role a die for each aspect so no 2 lives feel similar... Perhaps if CoE expands technologically and socially over time, it would be cool to have at least one female life be a badass who breaks gender norms...

4/26/2019 8:46:25 PM #39

I honestly won't decide until the time comes and I weigh all of my options. Most of the names I have are pretty gender neutral, anyway. I might be looking at what deals I can make for "political" or procreatory (is that a word?) unions.

After that it will come down to my available heirs.

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4/26/2019 8:52:23 PM #40

I'm playing the opposite sex. But I'm sure I'll end up playing both sexes. Maybe, every other character I'll switch.


4/26/2019 9:36:47 PM #41

I'm a female and will start with a female character, but after she lives through her life, I'll play whatever comes along.

I guess I want the initial character to reflect me, somewhat. But, after that, I want the family to become unique and develop its own feel - different from my own characteristics.

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4/27/2019 3:14:03 AM #42

I basically always play female, I'm female in real life so it just makes sense to me :)

My husband on the other hand usually plays female characters, but due to wanting to develop a successful bloodline in game he'll be playing male in CoE.

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4/27/2019 6:17:04 AM #43

Yeah, I definitely agree with your first character relating to you irl, then just playing at the family level after. That's really my plan too, especially since all we have been told is that child genders are random, without anyway to influence a change.

I certainly have no desire to just abandon my bloodline and family simply because I end up with nothing but female kids, which could easily happen, especially for explorers and adventurers.

4/27/2019 6:59:57 AM #44

Similar to what a few have said, first will be male to be ‘me’ in game, then what ever kids I get! Though I usually have a female alt as well. The family system and death will be very interesting to the effect of my character

4/27/2019 5:49:55 PM #45

Starting with my gender, female. But I am having second thoughts, as in maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and go male my first life.

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