kickstarterversary packages

From this post :

It indicated that all mayors would get housing, is to be addressed at a later date??


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3/27/2019 11:31:12 AM #1

The housing rewards were given with the latest update:

Additionally, if you earned a housing upgrade as a result of your participation in last year's Kickstarterversary, those upgrades have also been awarded.

Unless one had a mayor package (or above) during the time frame of the last Kickstarterversary then they will not recieve it. Upgrading later after the event will not give the reward, only what was there at the time.

If there are any issues or possible missing rewards, feel free to send an inquiry to [email protected] about it.

3/29/2019 8:36:46 PM #2

This specific issue with KSversary qualified Mayors not receiving their Villa.

We will be resolving this shortly, thank you!

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