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Hello Soulbound Studios !

This is not a bug in itself and I'm aware that there are other things that are very important to realize right now.

But it would be so much more convenient if pages's titles of the website or topic forum referred to the title of the Post or its structure :)

Because in state, many pages have almost the same title : "Chronicles of Elyria" and "Forums - Chronicles of Elyria". Search on google with : ""

It would be better and it would be a start for the SEO concern, and another side to save bookmarks :)

2/22/2019 12:58:23 AM #1

You mean like the tab name and stuff? (Ps. Bookmarks can be renamed :P)

If you mean the tab name that would be a really neat feature to add in for the V3 Forums update that they have in progress

2/22/2019 1:21:32 AM #2

Yeah, the name that appears on the tab, Violet. The browser picks that up from the page title. CoE forums don't use the topic title for the page title so everything just shows up as a generic "Chronicles of Elyria".

More a nuisance than anything for me, but I've wanted this since forever so I can tell my open CoE tabs apart.

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