When I click on token management, there are 2 boxes that show that I have tokens. The message under it says"You have no tokens. You can get Villager and Guild Tokens from the marketplace to send to the person in charge of your group to gain benefits for your group!" Is that a glitch? Or is that what it should be saying? Thanks in advance!

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12/25/2018 4:18:36 PM #1

No that is not a glitch, is there something else you believe should be seeing?

12/25/2018 7:45:18 PM #2

To clarify your confusion around this: the two boxes are for guild and villager tokens you have claimed. Under those you would find a list of unclaimed tokens that you can either claim or contribute (gift to someone). The message you're seeing is for unclaimed tokens, indicating that you have no unclaimed tokens left.