18 December

Welcome to the Settlers of Elyria Event!

By AshKain

Hello Elyrians!

We’re very excited to announce our 45-day Dutch Auction event, Settlers of Elyria. Over the course of the next month and a half, members of our community both new and old will have the opportunity to stake a land claim on any of our four servers and become a part of the history of Elyria!

From noon PST, December 18th 2019 to noon PST, February 1st 2020 new and existing players will have an limited time opportunity to change the history of Elyria forever by claiming settlements, counties, duchies, and even a kingdom throughout all four servers.

Each day of the event, the price of every domain that is available will drop by 1%, up to 45% off on the final day of the event.

Featured Domains will be on sale further, with an additional -10% off the original price. These flash sales will change every 20 minutes, but no domain will be on sale twice, so don’t miss out!

While the event is on, normal purchasing rules remain in effect. You will only be able to purchase a holding on your primary server, or if you are new, your purchase will automatically record that server as your primary server.

If you already have a holding claimed, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade! Remember, your upgrade must be in the same domain hierarchy. So, as a Mayor, you must upgrade to the county or duchy your settlement is in, and as a Count you can only purchase the duchy your existing county resides in. Of course, you don’t have to purchase each domain in hierarchy order. Each lesser domain upgrade will be automatically added to your purchase, so, if you have no holdings and you are purchasing a Duchy, a County and Settlement will be added to your order automatically.

How It works

If you navigate to the domain map you can take a look at the Kingdom, Duchies, Counties, and Settlements available for purchase. Once you have found the domain you want, click Buy Now on the Information Panel. You'll be able to name your domain and confirm your selection before checking out. Your domains are not locked-in until you confirm your names on this screen! Once you confirm your name selection you will be brought to the checkout section of our store to purchase your domain, and any necessary upgrades. Only after the purchase is complete will your claim be finalized and submitted for name approval.

Holding Prices

Each domain has a set starting price, based on a milieu of factors such as location and wealth. As the event progresses, these base prices will receive a 1% discount each day.

These base prices are:

  • Settlements: $65.00 - $135.00

  • Counties: $350.00 to $650.00

  • Duchies: $650.00 to $1,350.00

  • The Kingdom of Nirath: $3,500.00

Flash sales will update every 20 minutes, featuring a new domain at an additional 10% off! Don’t wait - no domain will be on sale twice!

You are not alone!

During the event, NPCs will also be settling in Elyria! This means if you are eyeing up a new Settlement, County, or Duchy, waiting might mean an NPC swoops in and claims this domain, so act fast when you see the right holding at the right price!

As always, if you have any other questions about Settlers of Elyria, please ask them in the comments below or check out the official FAQ here. We look forward to you all taking part, and greeting all the new members who join our community!

Good luck!